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Funds are allocated annually from the Oregon Cultural Trust to the Benton County Board of Commissioners with a base of $6,000 and additional money based on population.
The Benton County Board of Commissioners allocate these funds to the BCCC/Benton County Cultural Coalition (less their 5 percent fee) in late August/early September.

New Fiscal Year Grant Cycle:
The BCCC announces the availability of funds from the Oregon Cultural Trust and accepts Letters of Intent from August 1 – September 10th of each year. (See form below)

Grant Guidelines:
Applicants must either provide proof of their 501 (c) (3) non-profit status or if they are an individual or for-profit organization, they must declare and identify a 501 (c) (3) fiscal non-profit sponsor. *First time applicants must e-mail a copy of their 501(c)(3) Letter of Determination to by 11:59pm on September 10th in order for their Letter of Intent application to be complete!

All applicants must be from Benton County, Oregon. All grant funded events/programs must take place in Benton County, Oregon.

We seek to fund a balance of rural and urban applicants as well as a balance of art, heritage and cultural projects each grant cycle.

We appreciate projects that are both accessible and visible to the general public as well as projects that build local capacity.

If a site requires an approval process prior to an art installation, applicants must successfully complete the guidelines of the organization which governs the site prior to application for BCCC funding.

Grant funds are distributed in early February of each year. BCCC Final Grant Reports are due August 31st. If necessary, an Interim report may be filed at this time to provide an extension through October 31st.

Prior grant recipients must have successfully completed their BCCC Final Grant Report before they are eligible to apply for additional grant funds. We appreciate completion of reports within 30 days of project completion and to see that our logo was utilized in your publicity materials.

How to Apply:

Complete the on-line Letter of Intent form and submit it between August 1st and 11:59pm on September 10th. Click here to see the questions on the Letter of Intent. Note: You should receive a confirmation e-mail within several minutes. Be sure to check your spam folder.

All of the Letters of Intent that are received by 11:59pm on September 10th will be reviewed by our Grant Committee by September 30th. No late entries; no exceptions.

Projects which best meet BCCC guidelines will be invited to submit a ‘BCCC Grant Application’ between October 1st and October 31st. In the meantime, you might find the questions on the application useful. Click BCCC Grant Application Questions to download a pdf of the grant application questions.

Call for Letters of Intent

BCCC Grant Application

BCCC Grant Agreement

BCCC Final Grant Report Form

BCCC Interim Grant Report Form

BCCC Logo for your publications

Oregon Cultural Trust Logo for your publications


  • Letters of Intent: August 1st – September 10th
  • Grant Writing Workshop and Networking Event: Early October
  • Grant Application Form: Deadline October 31st
  • Notification of grant recipients: First week of December
  • Signed Grant Agreements Due: December 15th
  • Checks Distributed: Early February
  • Final Grant Reports due within 30 days, or by August 31st at the latest!
  • Option to file an Interim Report on August 31st if your project will complete by October 31st.

To view the history of grants previously awarded by BCCC, please  click here

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