Coalition Members

Members of the Coalition reside in Benton County and represent both rural and urban interests in art, culture and heritage.

2017/2018 Grant Cycle

Executive Committee:
Robert Siegel, Chairperson
Cheri Galvin, Prior Chair
Bill Siebler, Treasurer
Heidi Henry, Secretary
Camille Hall, Grant Committee Lead

Grant Committee:
Camille Hall, Lead
Cheri Galvin
Jim Martinez
Robert Siegel
Bill Siebler
Jacque Schreck
Marissa Solini

Communications, Outreach & Membership Committee:
Cheryl Maze, Lead
Cheri Galvin
Camille Hall
Heidi Henry

Jim Martinez

Postmaster Box #1504 (Philomath):
Rob Siegel
Cheri Galvin

Adviser/Past Chairperson:
Ella Rhoades

Our e-mail address is
For members needing to file a reimbursement:

BCCC reimbursement payment form

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