BCCC Grant Application Form

Benton County Cultural Coalition grants are awarded to registered 501(c)(3) art/heritage/cultural organizations located in Benton County, Oregon. If you are not a registered 501(c)(3) you must declare a 501(c)(3) organization as your fiscal non-profit sponsor. Be advised that most organizations charge a small percentage to serve as your fiscal sponsor. This fee should be factored into your project budget and the amount of your grant request.

All activities and/or art installations must take place on property that belongs to a Benton County public or 501(c)(3) organization.


Complete the on-line Grant Application form found below. Submission deadline is 11:59pm on October 31st.

NOTE Our format requires you to complete the Grant Application form in one sitting. You may want to prepare your answers before you begin. You will receive a confirmation e-mail. If you do not, please check your spam folder. Questions? bentoncoalition@gmail.com

Grant award recipients will be notified by December 5th. Those selected will need to sign a BCCC Grant Agreement by December 15th. Checks will be awarded in early February.

The Benton County Cultural Coalition seeks to identify art, humanities, and heritage projects that support an active, accessible cultural life throughout Benton County.

We look for a well formulated plan of action for implementation.

We appreciate innovative grants that either reach the greatest number of Benton County residents or those that will engage a smaller segment of the population, providing outreach and engagement in areas where increased access to programming would be especially beneficial.

Name of Organization Applying for Grant Funds:*
Contact Name:*
Contact E-mail:*
Evening Phone: (no hyphens)*
Fiscal Status:*
If you are not affiliated with a non-profit, please provide the name of the organization that has agreed to serve as your fiscal non-profit sponsor.
If a Fiscal Non-profit Sponsor will be used, please provide their address. If not, please provide the mailing address for the organization that is applying for grant funds:*
Project completion date:*
What is the dollar amount of your grant request from BCCC (nearest dollar amount, no commas) *
What is the title of your project or event?*
Where in Benton County will this project or event take place?*
Provide a brief description of your project or event. Include project stages if applicable.*
What is the objective of your proposed project/event?*
Select any of the following benchmarks that you feel will be met by your project or program:*

Project Expenses: How will your grant funds be utilized if selected for funding? (Please enter a number or a 0 for each field as applicable, no commas or cents)

Name of Artist or Contractor*
Supplies & Materials*
Facility Cost or Rental*
Overhead cost (Indirect due to non-profit)*
Other: Please Explain
Please list the total dollar amount of your expected expenses (Must be the total of above projected expenses. No $ sign or commas):*
Project Revenues: Please detail expected income from all sources, including what you are expecting from the BCCC such as other grants, cash donations, ticket sales etc:*
Please list the total dollar amount of your Revenues, i.e. total of above detail. (No $ sign, no commas):*
If Project Expenses differ from Project Revenues, please explain:
If you have utilized BCCC funds for a similar project in the past, please explain how this project offers something new or serves a particular niche in the community. *
Who is your target population and how will Benton County residents benefit? *
If your event has an admission price, please list it here (no commas). If the event is free, please list 0 (zero):*
If the project involves public art, signage or other construction, briefly describe the required approval process and timeline. What approvals have already been secured?
If selected, where will you display/include the BCCC and Oregon Cultural Trust logos to acknowledge your grant funding? *
Are you a registered Participating Cultural Non-Profit with the Oregon Cultural Trust? *
Please describe any differences between the information provided in this Grant Application and what was included in your Letter of Intent (LOI). If no difference write "NONE".*
Word Verification:

Grant applications are submitted by invitation only following review of Letters of Intent. Letters of Intent forms are accepted annually from August 1 – September 10th.


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