Interim Grant Report

Occasionally, a grant does not complete by August 31st and in these cases, you must file an Interim Report by August 31st. Your Final Grant Report will be due by 11:59pm on October 31st.  Special arrangements may be made with approval from the Benton County Cultural Coalition to complete a grant no later than December 31st.

Note that our on-line form must be completed in one sitting. Please print a copy for your records. You should receive a confirmation e-mail following your submission. If you do not, please check your spam folder. Questions?

Name of Organization:*
Contact Name: *
Contact e-mail:*
Contact Evening Phone (no hyphens):*
Organization Address:*
Title of Funded Project:*
Dollar Amount of BCCC Grant Funding Received (no commas):*
Please explain why you are filing for an extension with an Interim Report: *
Will you be able to complete your project and file your Final Grant Report by October 31st?*
If no, have you made special arrangements with approval from the Benton County Cultural Coalition? Please explain.

Thank you for your communication! We appreciate the update and look forward to receiving your Final Grant Report by October 31st!

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