BCCC Final Grant Report

Final Grant Reports are due within 30 days of project completion or by 11:59pm on August 31st. Occasionally, a grant does not complete by August 31st, and in these cases if your project will not be completed by August 31st, you may file an Interim Report to request an extension through December 31st.

Be advised that Final Grant Reports must be successfully completed in order to be eligible to submit a Letter of Intent to request funds in the next BCCC grant cycle.

Complete and submit this online form. NOTE: Our format requires you to complete the form in one sitting. You may want to prepare your answers before you begin. Click here to see the questions you will need to answer. You will receive a confirmation email. Check your spam folder if you do not. Questions? bentoncoalition@gmail.com

Congratulations on your project completion!

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Where did you display the OCT and BCCC logos to acknowledge funding? Were there any additional ways in which you acknowledged funding?:*
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Any unused funds must be returned by August 31st via a check made payable to: Benton County Cultural Coalition PO Box #1504, Philomath, Oregon 97370

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