Join the Benton County Cultural Coalition

Are you enthusiastic about reaching out to let individuals, organizations and communities know that there is money available for art, culture and heritage programs in Benton County, Oregon?

Would you like to help distribute funds from the Oregon Cultural Trust (OCT) to increase opportunities for participation in art and culture in Benton County?

If you are interested in serving on the Benton County Cultural Coalition (BCCC), please – Complete this on-line Member Interest Form

All members work together to keep the BCCC fully staffed. Please let us know which jobs best suit your skills and interests. We conduct business through email and meet at varied locations throughout the county 6-8 times per year (primarily from August through February). Please consider which of the following jobs best match your skills and interests:

Mentoring – each BCCC member is matched with one or more grantee annually

Participates in Grant Workshop to become familiar with grant process and meet potential grant applicants (October);

Maintains contact with one grantee from Grant approval through to Final Grant Report,

Shares information about grant project with other BCCC members for use in BCCC publicity, and to encourage attendance at grant-funded events (ongoing);

Reviews grantee Final Report and approved Grant Application, helps resolve questions, if any (January)

Grant Review – all BCCC Members

Review 20-40 Letters of Intent (LOI) and recommend some or all to apply (September);

Review Grant Applications and recommend final grant awards (November)

Grant Lead

Tracks the Letters of Intent (LOI), Grant Applications, and Grant Award processes through completion: works with Communications Team to publicize LOI, works with Secretary to draft LOI “Yay & Nay” letters, Grant Award and decline letters.

Works with Web Lead to create LOI and Grant summaries;

Sets up Gmail contact groups for applicants.

Tracks incoming signed Grant Agreements with Treasurer to facilitate submission of grantee information to Benton County Finance to write checks.

Tracks BCCC email daily/several times per week to field and answer Grantee questions (BCCC Gmail settings can be set to forward Gmail to one home/personal email account); forwards other messages to appropriate BCCC members

Grant File Manager

Formats and saves incoming online Letters of Intent, Grant Applications and Final Reports as Word documents, distributes these documents to BCCC members via email

Files one copy of each grant document (OCT grant, Letters of Intent, Grant Applications and Final Reports) in grant notebook and online in BCCC Dropbox account for each Fiscal year.

Communication Lead

Announces grant opportunities via email, press release, and poster/fliers distributed throughout Benton County

Provides a summary description of each funded project for BCCC members and press;

Promotes end of year giving to the Oregon Cultural Trust (OCT);

Manages supply and distributes BCCC brochures; re/designs brochures as needed

Creates, assembles and takes down annual BCCC display in Footwise window (2 week period)

Membership (all BCCC)

Recruits new members throughout Benton County: Adair, Alpine, Alsea, Bellfountain, Blodgett, Corvallis, Kings Valley, Monroe, North Albany, Philomath, Summit, Wren, …

Reviews online Member Interest forms and votes to accept new members

Welcomes new members at next BCCC meeting;

Website Lead

Manages website maintenance and system of email contacts with interested parties

Enters BCCC members’ email addresses in website to receive incoming on-line forms

Activates Letter of Intent form at midnight on July 31st and closes form at midnight on September 10th

Activates Grant Application form at midnight on September 30th and closes form at midnight on October 31st

Monitors website for incoming Letters of Intent, Grant Applications and Member Interest Forms.

Updates website with list of new grant recipients and current BCCC members annually

Post Box Manager (Ideally someone who lives or works in Philomath)

Checks PO Box#1504 at Philomath post office frequently and notifies Chairperson, Treasurer or Grant Committee Lead of incoming mail.

Checks box on September 10th for Letters of Intent; October 31st for Grant Applications, December 5-15th for Grant Agreements, and Final Reports (August-December).

Arranges payment of annual fee to renew PO Box with Treasurer (early December)


Provides leadership at BCCC meetings and guides BCCC through:

  • Distribution of funds as outlined in the OCT Cultural Participation Agreement and BCCC Cultural Plan
  • Submission of on-line OCT Final Report as set per annual OCT deadline. (February)

Establishes the dates of BCCC meetings/Grant Writing Workshop at start of grant cycle, works with BCCC members to set meeting locations, and agendas

Completes Oregon Cultural Trust (OCT) Cultural Participation Agreement/Acct Info updated (August)

Upon receipt of OCT contract, meets with Benton County finance officer to sign agreement to secure funds from OCT (late Sept/early October), updates and thanks County Commissioners for supporting BCCC

Maintains master copy of BCCC position descriptions, policies and procedures, passwords and external contacts


Prepares and distributes BCCC member contact list, meeting agendas and minutes in consultation with BCCC members

Tracks attendance and prepares membership communications

Works with Grant Lead to prepare and distribute grant award letters (November)

Files digital copies of approved minutes and BCCC Board packets into DropBox; maintains and archives paper copies of these documents in accordance with OCT and Benton County policies.


Creates annual budget, including grant award level, with BCCC member approval (October).

Provides budget reports with printed copies for review at BCCC meetings

Manages reimbursements for coalition members

Works with Benton County Finance:

  • to file annual BCCC budget and reconcile accounting, including carryout
  • to provide Benton County finance officer with list of grant recipients/Tax IDs
  • to manage annual grantee check distribution and any return of unused grant funds

Exec Committee: Chair, Secretary, Treasurer, Grants, Communications, Web and Membership Leads