Interim Grant Report

Grant projects must be completed during the calendar year for which they are funded. Modifications to an approved project, including budgeted expenses, timeline, or activities specified in the approved BCCC Grant Application, must be requested by filing an Interim Report. If you are unable to complete your project in the time period for which the funding was awarded, please contact us immediately.

Note that our on-line form must be completed in one sitting. Please print a copy for your records. You should receive a confirmation e-mail following your submission. If you do not, please check your spam folder. Questions? Please send an email to:

Name of Organization:*
Contact Name: *
Contact e-mail:*
Contact Evening Phone (no hyphens):*
Organization Address:*
Title of Funded Project:*
Dollar Amount of BCCC Grant Funding Received (no commas):*
What parts of your approved grant application do you wish to modify? Please specify any changes in budgeted line items, timeline and activities.*
Will you be able to complete your project by your approved completion date?*
If no, by when will your project be completed?

BCCC will respond with approval or a request for more information.”

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